aranatha: (angelic face)
aranatha ([personal profile] aranatha) wrote2014-04-20 06:20 pm
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Rant ..

"..nee,ka-chan.. Hai.. Take care.." as the connection cut, my tears streaming like there's no tomorrow.
Well,it's not like my world end or what, it just my mother who overly concern about his son's thesis since she can't nagging me directly because i move quite far from my hometown. And such an obedient son, i just can keep assuring her that i'm fine and goes well here while the truth is..i'm not.

p.s: well,actually i really really wanna write some fic event if just a drabble. But, my head started killing me now. I think my sight getting blurry since my tears deny to stop. And this drabble supposed to be my stress relieve but it's a big failure. Sorry, just ignore this...

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