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Happy 6th anniversary for Hey!Say!JUMP~~ *throw confetti*
This is my first posting in livejournal. And since i make this account only to stalking everything ‘bout Hey!Say!JUMP, i’ll start to post something in their anniversary. I’ll start from the first time falling to them *thanks to my friend who gave me TGQ*. Yeah, i'm start to watching TGQ in the end of April. And my eyes stuck at Ryuu Amakusa in around 3rd series *i don't believing love at the first sight,by the way*. I never falling to deep with any idol before *even in my puberity ages*. But somehow, Ryuu just hypnotized me to falling deeply to him. And finally,i have a pict of idol in my netbook *i've told you that i never falling to deep to any idol before,right?* But he is the exceptional now. This is my very first pict of idol Yamachan that i have *taken from some account in facebook at 25th of April 2013*


After this pict,i promised to my self to not download any of his photo anymore. But promise are made to be broke,sometimes. So i download any of yama's photo. 1 become 7,becomes 42 and at the 66 photos i started knowing Hay!Say!JUMP as a group. This pic i’ve downloaded at 8th of Mei 2013 *yeah,i’m a newbie in HSJ world* and i do some edited here >///<
1st pic

And at the 51's photos, dunno why i mesmerized wif their charm here *YamaYuto biased approve*~~

I know,i just knowing them for around 5 months. But somehow i feel like i had liking them for years. I met some new friend because of them *should i call their name here?? :p i called them [ profile] aiy_chan, [ profile] fa_chan_desu, nachan, techan,and tiwychan*, i get cherished from them in my hard time this past months, i scream whole heartly when i saw their videos, pv+making, reality show, even the cut part from any accounts, and especially the concerts *thanks to aiychan who gave me alot of videos*. I just knowing their anniversary is today from 2 days ago *blame me for this*. I wanna do something for them even just a post in here. I dunno would they know this post of them that i've made? But i just wanna say thank you to mesmerized me and thank you for being you in this group. Keep fighting, and i hope my support would gain your spirit to keep moving up in tyhe future. And this my last pict of them taken from some account in facebook too in 21st of Sept 2013,and i do some edited too in here *and i really hope 10 JUMP to gather again in the future*
2nd pic

I don't know what to say else,but i do have many to tell in my mind. Even since this morning i try to arrange some word to written in my journal *ups,i think i love blabbering in my mind too much but getting sucks when i should to write it down* but now i lost some of them *like usual*. Again, THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU IN HEY!SAY!JUMP <^O^> and HAPPY 6TH ANNIVERSARY~~~~

p.s: sorry for a lot of typing error and tons of grammatical error, since English isn't my mother language.
And hey,it still 24th sept in my country *although it almost midnight here but still i finished this post on time when i think i'll can't post anything tonight* *yawn*
Hoping i'll have a very nice dream with HSJ memba in my dream land *crossing finger*

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