Sep. 24th, 2014

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Hmm, it's already the 2nd times i celebrated Hey! Say! JUMP anniversary and it's mean i've been in this fandom for bout 1,5 years!! Time surely flee too fast for me. Me, the one who will mock someone while they ship their idol before now knowing how it feel to loving an many idol *i guess karma does happen, ne*. Me, the one who didn't have even a single picture of any idol. Me, who easy to get bored with one idol and too easy to lost interest in them. And now, me, the one who being trapped in a fandom *or world(?)* called Hey! Say! JUMP claim my self that i still love this guys till now and will keep support them with my heart. Maybe i can't promise anything in the future, but for now i'm definitely sane to claim that my day will always filled with JUMP *well, especially Yama-chan for sure* and always hoping that someday i can at least can get a glimpse of their existence in live *crossing finger*.

Many many thanks for this bunch of people /bricked/ for intruding my steady life and changing my pace brutally *not complaining, tho* for liven and add more colour to my live with their voice and their dance and many silly act they've done. And because of them, i can have many great friend on line.. meet any extraordinary writer/author.. get tons videos for my own guilty pleasure.. and enjoying each time stalking around to get any information bout JUMP *tho it's started getting hard coz real life goes too bitchy now*.

Hoping you guys given a lot of healthy stocks *especially Yama-chan. Get rest, will you?*, gain more popularity and fans, do a concert in Indonesia someday *nod madly*, and lastly.. a 'lil trouble is needed but please don't too much(?) kayh~

P.S: keep flailing with me again in da future, will ya? XD [ profile] aiy_chan

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